• Renewing the Faith
    Abandoned and betrayed, she does not trust in God. We will help her renew the faith.
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  • Rebuilding the Ruins
    Raped and left ruined, her only future is one of prostitution. We will rebuild her ruins.
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  • Restoring a Future of Hope
    With nowhere to turn, her soul faints in desperation. We will give her a future of hope.
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  1. Renew
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Houston County News:

A Move Of T he Heart

"It’s the call to leave behind everything she knows and move to Swaziland, Africa, that echoes through her heart. And that call came in the form of a plea..."

Read local news writer Ryan Stotts’ newspaper article about Co-Founder Mary-Kate Martin as she prepares her journey to move to Swaziland indefinitely.

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